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   Philosophy & Business Approach

The philosophy behind the success of Paisley Event Design, LLC is based on 5 key attributes:

~ we Listen ~ we acknowledge ~ we resource ~ we educate ~ we fulfill ~

It is key in event production not only to listen to what our client has say but to truly hear what they have really envisioned.  There is always a feeling and driving force associated with an event and a reason for the event.  It is our objective to learn what that is and make all aspects of it come to life.  It is key that we hear what our sub-contractors have to say for it is they who facilitate our logistics.  It is key that we hear what our exhibitors, sponsors and advertisers say for it is they who pay our bills.  It is key that we hear what our advisors say for we can never know all that we need to know.  It is key that we hear what our participants and volunteers have to say for it is they who spread the word.  We believe that listening is the foundation for communication.

Acknowledgement plays a big part in every level of relationship development.  It falls under the category of gratitude……an attribute that the world does not express enough toward each other or feel enough toward themselves.  With the element of acknowledgement we also have the ability to form sustainable alliances and collaborations throughout many organizations and populations.   We recognize that there is a role and a place for everyone in life no matter who determines whether it is big or small.  We believe there to be delineation in roles and not a separation amongst people.  We take the time to assure those around us of their significance; we nurture and grow their contribution, we encourage and support their endeavors.  We truly embrace the value of community.  Acknowledge is what we do after we have truly listened and have heard.

Resourcing has many different elements to it.  We look to ourselves for the solutions we can pull from our life’s strengths, toward each other to utilize the wisdom we’ve developed as a team and also look outside of the box for alternatives to stimulating our creativity.  To us, being resourceful simply means finding the paths necessary to get the job done and providing many avenues of getting there.  We realize that the event process takes on a whole life and body of its own so we must be prepared at all times to finds ways of staying on track.

Education is the final component for making the correct decisions.  With education comes sound advice. It is important to understand why a decision has been made and why it had to be made in a certain way.  Education is also a very powerful catalyst that takes a thought from its idea stage and turns it into form and reality.  Education also gives people an understanding and purpose to their direction and is one of the best tools for accomplishing their goals.   It is the, who, where, what, when, and why that keeps a well oiled machine in motion and It is the glue that keeps the synergy within the collective.

Fulfillment is the most visual and active piece of the event production process.  It is here where the strengths of the other 4 keys come together and where we begin the balance that maintains and holds the components together.  In this stage, will continue to accurately see the ‘big picture’ and work to put all of the event pieces into place.  This is also one of the most exciting elements of the event process as true movement takes place and our 5 senses become engaged.  It is in this stage where thought and words are turned into actions and results.  It is here where our seeds have produced it fruits. 

Paisley Event Design, LLC is a powerfully diverse company.  Our team applies the 5 key attributes into everything we do.  We have a very linear role and it is with this approach that we are able to accomplish and establish the firm details and foundation that will bring your event to life.  Spiritually, we strive to connect all that we do through the strengths of our hearts.